ROSIE; The original skunk ambassador

Resting before her Dr appointment August 2nd, 2022

This is Rosie. I got her 9 years ago when my friend that owns a pet store called and asked if I wanted her. She and her sister were the last 2 babies on the truck after the store that originally ordered them, refused delivery. My friend called me immediately and asked if I would take them. Well, of course I would! LOL When I went to pick her up, there was another lady there that had the same passion for skunks that I do and desperately wanted one of the girls. We agreed to each take one. They were late babies so it was unusual for them to be only 8 weeks old in mid December. I don't believe in coincidence. Just 7 weeks later, my Dad passed. If it hadn't been for this little bundle of fluff and love, I don't know if I would have survived the worst loss of my life. Rosie has had some health issues throughout her life. She was diagnosed with metabolic bone disease after she took a bad fall off the bed and fractured her pelvis and femur. We tried to get a wheelchair for her but because of the location of the fractures and the bone disease, it would have caused more pain and damage and she wouldn't have healed properly. So, after strick bed rest, we started all forms of physical therapy that were available to her. We did acupuncture, acupressure, cold laser, aqua therapy, massage therapy and finally started her on a CBD regimen. This worked really well until recently when I heard her coughing. Anyone with skunks knows this can be the start of congestive heart failure. Unfortunately, that's exactly what it is. Her meds seemed to be working until a few days ago. I noticed her back leg and foot had started swelling. Then, she coughed. Only a few times but, with CHF, and cough is a bad thing. Her leg gradually kept swelling. Her regular vet was gone for the weekend and her emergency vet recently left her current position. Anyone with skunks knows how difficult it is to find an exotic vet that will treat skunks. Especially one that won't automatically euthanize if there's a bite or scratch regardless of vaccines. Rosie isn't in pain so I made the decision to wait and talk to her regular vet this morning. We have an appointment at 3pm tomorrow, Aug 2nd. 
Even though Rosie retired, she was an amazing ambassador for Florida Skunk Rescue for many years and was pivotal in my decision to start our own rescue. Pet Skunk Advocates and Rescue. People still remember Rosie as the first skunk they ever met or held and fell in love with. If you have a moment today to think of Rosie, please send well wishes prayers to the deity of your faith that if it is time for Rosie to go to the next phase of her being, that her passing will be painless and she will be received with all the love and more that she gave everyone here.

Unfortunately , Rosie's heart disease had progressed too far to be treated with medication .  She was in pain and let me know she was tired  and ready to go. Rosie took a very large piece of my heart with her and I will forever be grateful she chose me to be her human mom. Thank you. Kat
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