Hey everyone! We really need your support for this one! Mad Hatters Kava Bar along with Alexis De La Mer have graciously offered to host Drag Queen Bingo to support Pet Skunk Advocates and Rescue! The issue? I haven't played bingo in years!! On top of that, I have been up every 2 hours feeding 13 baby opossums waiting for rehab space for the last 8 days! I'm so tired, I'm even sillier than normal! But, we'll have some wonderful skunk figurines for prizes to the bingo winners and of course skunk love and tiny baby opossum visitors! So, please come out and have some fun with us. Support the rescue and save my sorry tired butt for being so late in advertising this event. Bring friends. Share this post and join us for an evening of fun! Thank you all so much! 💗🦨🦝💗🦨