Surrendering or Adoption

Surrendering your beloved pet can be a very difficult and heartbreaking decision.

 Often times surrendered pets come to us because an owner is moving to a state where exotic pet ownership is not legal. 

We try to make this decision as easy and painless as possible by speaking one on one to all adopters and anyone considering surrendering their pet.

You can be assured your pet will be kept in clean, spacious accommodations until the perfect family or adopter is found.

 We do not hold onto your pet for unnecessarily long periods of time. To do so, makes them become attached to their temporary home and will make it more difficult for the final adopter to bond with their new pet. Moving pet skunks from foster home to foster home can cause depression and anxiety. We will not do that to any any surrendered pet.  

All surrendered pets are guaranteed to see our veterinarian within 48 hours of going to their permanent home. 

 Once surrendered, the animals will receive all their shots, be spay or neutered, have their teeth checked and get an overall wellness exam.

 We will not adopt out I'll or senior animals 

We also will keep previous owners updated on how their pet is getting along in their new home if requested. Most of our adopters are happy to keep in touch with previous owners to keep their mind at ease. We consider these "open" adoptions. Of course we realize at times, that arrangement may be too difficult for some but, we want you to know that option is out there if agreed upon by both parties.

Our screening process for potential adopters can be very rigorous. This is for everyone involved benefit.  We always match the best adopter to the skunk that fits the best situation.

 We do not make money off our adoptions. I literally hand you the vets bill and that is what you pay. 

If you are considering surrender or adoption  please call 727-482-3724

Our goal is to always do what's best for your pet! 

Before adopting, you MUST have your class 3 wildlife license from Florida Fish and Wildlife. Go to to fill out your application and disaster plan. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to receive your license. However, they may be running behind so it can take quite a bit longer. 

 The free license only covers taking your pet to the veterinarian and home. There is also a Sales and Exhibition license for $50 a year that covers taking your pet in public. Please carefully read ALL the information provided under the class 3 heading. It wil make filling out your application so much easier! Feel free to call or text with any questions related to filling out your license application.