Reading Doesn't Stink Program

Reading Doesn't Stink

About the program

Kids will receive a children's book by award winning author Peter Parente called Boomer to the Rescue.  A wonderful book about Boomer, the lavender skunk starting his first day of school and overcoming the fear that sometimes happens when going into a new situation. They will also receive a sticker and a coloring page.


We will also give a short talk to dispell myths, old wives tales and general misinformation most people grew up with. After which the kids will be able to ask questions, pet the skunks and take pictures.


Fees are based on a sliding income based scale.


Contact us at 727-482-3724 or email

for more information and available dates.


It's a fun and educational program and sometimes, we also have an additional guest; Willow the blind opossum 💗