Drag Queen Bingo

Mad Hatters Kava Bar, 4685 28th St N, Saint Petersburg

Join us for a fun night of bingo, $10 for ten games plus a fifty-fifty raffle to support Pet Skunk Advocates and Rescue. It's baby season and we're getting baby yard angels in all the time now. Formula is really expensive. Add to that extra potty pads, our regular food bill, baby food and Critical Care food and still paying on Waffles full mouth teeth removal, Delilahs cancer surgery, Geenas amputation, Lily's esophageal mass, Sativa's Spay and everyone's yearly check up and I'm hemorrhaging money. So, if you've ever spent time with the skunks and enjoyed them and see what we do first hand, please come out have some fun with us. We'll have skunk figurines for the bingo winners and a 50/50 raffle as well. Of course the skunks will be there to love on also!